Capital Car Finance Has Some Of The Best Used Volkswagen Car Finance Deals In The UK for PCP & Lease Purchase

We Have Access To Several Car Finance Providers, Enabling Us To Offer Some Of The Most Competitive Rates In The UK

Capital Car Finance has some amazing finance deals available for both new and used Volkswagens, our Volkswagen PCP [Personal Contract Purchase] and LP (Lease Purchase) car finance schemes have been enjoyed by our customers for many years and now with the introduction of our Volkswagen car leasing and contract hire products, we have something available for everyone.

We pride ourselves on our transparent “one to one” professional service, which is why most of our customers come back to us time and time again, please see our testimonials for more information. Our car finance products are available for all Volkswagen vehicles up to 3 years old, providing they are supplied by an approved UK Volkswagen dealership, we have deals available for both business customers or private customers.

Please find details below on all our available new and used Volkswagen car finance products, alternatively why not give us a call to discuss the various options we can offer with a dedicated experienced adviser, you can call us either our freefone number 0800 043 4340 or national 01925 589020.

Personal Contract Purchase

One of the best ways to purchase a new or used car today, it allows customers to purchase a car of their choice at attractive fixed monthly finance payment, with the benefit of a low deposit outlay and a guaranteed minimum future value at the end of the agreement.

Lease Purchase

Sometimes referred to as Hire Purchase with a balloon and is structured in a similar way PCP, however unlike PCP there is no guarantee offered at the end of the agreement, customer can defer a capital lump sum amount until the end of the agreement.

Hire Purchase

Very similar to borrowing a sum of money from a bank and paying it back over a fixed period of time, with interest. Hire Purchase is a type of secured loan which are often preferred over alternative (unsecured) loans because they allow a greater borrowing limit.

Capital Car Finance Specialise in New & Used Volkswagen Car Finance including, Volkswagen PCP Finance, Volkswagen Lease Purchase and Volkswagen New Car Leasing.

Capital Car Finance is an independent finance provider offering customers a choice of new and used car finance products. Because we are not linked, associated or connected to a manufacturer, it means we have access to a number of UK car finance providers, enabling us to offer customers some of the most competitive funding products in the market today.

Volkswagen car finance
How does it work

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PCP Car Finance has become one of the best ways to purchase or finance a new or used Volkswagen today, personal contract purchase allows you to purchase any Volkswagen car of your choice at an affordable fixed monthly payment, with an initial low deposit and a guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) or buy back at the end of the agreement term.

At Capital Car Finance we have the ability to offer our customers a very low rate of interest (From just 7.9% APR) together with industry leading GMFV’s making Volkswagen cars very affordable.

Volkswagen PCP Car Finance is very useful if you drive a company car and are opting out of a company car scheme for example (Cash for Car), because you can use your company car allowance or mileage reclaims to fund your monthly PCP payments and avoid paying excessive company car taxes.

Monthly payments are fixed with PCP for the repayment period, which is normally two, three or four years and the added flexibility of PCP car finance gives you several options at the end of the agreement:

Option 1

Return the vehicle to the finance company and if you have not exceeded the agreed mileage, there is nothing more to pay.

Option 2

You may keep the vehicle and simply pay off or refinance the outstanding Guaranteed Minimum Future Value [GMFV] payment.

Option 3

You can part-exchange your vehicle and if the trade-in value is greater than the GMFV, the difference is yours to keep.

Benefits of Volkswagen Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
  • Low initial deposit
  • Flexible deposit term
  • Fixed repayments
  • Guaranteed final payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • Guaranteed equity available PCP

The Volkswagen personal contract purchase plan provides the benefits of driving a higher specification Volkswagen for lower monthly payments, unlike traditional methods of car finance, this is achieved by deferring a percentage of the total cost of the Volkswagen to the end of the contract, which is the guaranteed minimum future value or GMFV as its more commonly known as.

This guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) and is the key difference between PCP and traditional forms of car financing such as Hire Purchase. The GMFV plus your deposit is subtracted from the selling price of the Volkswagen and your monthly payments are based on the balance (plus interest on the balance and the GMFV). Effectively, you will make lower payments than traditional financing simply because you are essentially only funding the depreciation.

Excess Mileage

At the beginning of the agreement, you decide on the total mileage you expect to do. If, at the end of the agreement, having chosen to hand your Volkswagen back to the finance company, your mileage exceeds the agreed level, you simply pay a fixed amount for every extra mile.

Wear & Tear

It is in your interest to minimise your Audi’s ‘wear and tear’ and not exceed the agreed mileage. When the agreement has finished, the vehicle may well be worth more than the GMFV, providing you with extra value, In simple terms ‘normal wear and tear’ means that for its age and mileage, the Audi is in fair working order, condition and repair.

Audi Lease Purchase
How it works

Lease Purchase is sometimes referred to as Hire Purchase with a balloon and is structured in a similar way to Personal Contract Purchase or PCP car finance.

The customer will normally benefit from a slightly lower finance rate with an Audi lease purchase car finance product as there is no guarantee offered at the end of the contract, the deferred lump sum amount at the end of the agreement is known as the Residual Value (RV) or balloon, and this has to be paid by the customer for outright ownership of the Audi. Deposits for Lease Purchase are flexible and are normally a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 40% of the total vehicle price, repayment periods are taken over 3 or 4 years typically.

The Residual Value (RV) (sometimes called the balloon) at the end of the agreement reduces the regular monthly payments accordingly, thus making vehicles that traditionally have a strong Residual Value (RV) like Audi, more suitable for this type of product as they make repayments far more affordable.

The Residual Values (RV) is calculated and set at the beginning of the lease purchase finance agreement but is not payable until the end of the contract, there are realistically two options for an Audi lease purchase at the end of the term, 1. Pay off the residual value in cash or settlement by part-exchange or 2. Some lenders will allow the residual value to be spread over a secondary period and refinanced again.

Volkswagen Car Leasing
How it works

New car leasing is becoming a very popular choice these days as it allows customers to drive a brand new car for a lower monthly payment and a small initial deposit, you don’t have to worry about selling the vehicle either, simply return it to the leasing company at the end of the contract and walk away.

Car leasing is available for business and personal customers and is a long-term rental agreement, the contract can include service and maintenance, breakdown cover and a replacement vehicle and in most cases the road fund licence is included for the duration of the agreement. As car leasing is a rental agreement it will subject to VAT, if you are a VAT registered business you can reclaim this back from HMRC on your VAT return (100% for commercial vehicles and 50% for cars).

The monthly rental is calculated from the length of contract and the estimated miles driven, at the end of the period the vehicle is returned to the leasing company as the leasing company always the registered owner of the vehicle. It is treated as “off balance sheet funding” in a company’s accounts.

New car leasing is completely risk free and almost always works out cheaper than outright purchase of a vehicle. This is due to the extra discounts and support received from manufacturers, which are passed on to the hirer and reflected in the monthly rental.

Benefits of Valkswagen Lease Purchase

  • Lower deposits available.
  • Cost effective rentals due to residual values.
  • No tie to mileage contract.
  • No lock in and settlement can be made at any stage of the agreement.


Contract Hire & Lease Highlights

  • Fixed cost motoring
  • Fully inclusive maintenance available
  • Very cost effective
  • VAT efficient – part or fully reclaimable
  • Low initial payment
  • Low monthly payment
  • Complete no risk option
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